Summer Happenings

The Artist's Studio of the Wildcat Fellowship Program from further up Wildcat Mountain. Photo by Peter Martin.

July 11-24  2011 Wildcat Fellows Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer will be in residence to create “Neversink Transmissions,” an extraordinary eco-art project that unites natural materials — including branches and forest debris — with interactive Wi-Fi and traditional radio transmissions. Here on the Wildcat Program blog, they will post regular progress reports.

Ellie Irons makes her art from string and twigs and other found artifacts of nature and culture.

Irons and Phiffer will create their  outdoor sculpture and multi-media installation on the banks of the Neversink River in Claryville, NY. According to the artists, “The intricacies of stream management on a hyper-local level…provide an intriguing entry point for exploring how communities adjust to environmental change….We hope to contribute to the conversation around these issues by creating an art piece that archives local knowledge about the Neversink.”

Dan Phiffer consults a frog on issues related to environmental change.

Saturday, July 23, 2 p.m. Artists’ Walking Tour, Denning Town Hall, 1567 Denning Road, Claryville, NY.

Irons and Phiffer will show the work they have accomplished for “Neversink Transmissions.”  After a walking tour guided by the artists, the Rondout-Neversink Stream Program will show plans for the new streamside buffer garden in which the “Neversink Transmissions” tower will be situated. All walking-tour participants are invited to join the artists, the Wildcat Fellowship Program, and the Neversink-Rondout Stream Program for an old-fashioned ice cream social. This event is free.

The Denning Town Hall in Claryville, NY--the proposed site for "Neversink Transmissions." Photograph by Daniel Case.

Sunday, October 2, 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Irons-Phiffer Exhibit Opening, Old Stone House, 282 Hasbrouck Road, Hasbrouck, NY.

Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer will exhibit the documentation for “Neversink Transmissions.” On exhibit at the Stone House will be drawings and photographs that reveal their planning and execution of the outdoor artwork created in Claryville over the summer. Join us for the gala opening with a wine-and-cheese reception to meet the artists.  Free to the public.

The Old Stone House in Hasbrouck, NY. Photo by Emily Brown, 2010

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  1. >Oh my gosh, this is beautiful and wonderful !!! The blog, the photos
    >and writing — the breadth of the project — what a fabulous job you all are
    >doing. I am thrilled to know about the project. Love, Risa

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