Planning in Brooklyn

Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer are the 2011 Wildcat Fellows

At the end of the weekend, we’ll be heading into the Catskills to begin our residency. Between packing and running around doing errands, we found time for one last planning meeting at our apartment in Bushwick.

Dan shared the progress he’s made with Ubuntu, the Linux system we’ll be using to run our server, and his plans for configuring Asterisk, the open source telephony program that will allow us to interface with the analog phone system in Claryville.

I reviewed the research I’ve been doing about the history of the New York City water system, including the development of the Delaware Water System following a 1931 Supreme Court decision. This decision allowed New York City to withdraw 440 million gallons per day (mgd) from headwater tributaries feeding the Delaware River and lead to the construction of a series of reservoirs and aqueducts, including, in 1954, the Neversink Reservoir. I drew the map below as we reviewed these developments.

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