First Day in the Studio

Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer are the 2011 Wildcat Fellows

"Neversink Transmission, The Artists are : in!"

Dan and I spent the morning getting settled into the Wild Cat studio. It’s an airy, rustic workspace. It has a lovely sky light, old-fashioned wavy windows, beautiful butterflies flitting in and out, and electricity! Dan was able to plug in our server and start playing around with Asterisk. What a coding environment!

In the meantime, I did my first round of branch gathering. I didn’t have to go far, since the east branch of the Neversink runs right by the base of the Wild Cat property. I found some very nicely weathered branches in the river below the Denning Town Hall, and brought them back to the studio. There I started the process of recording and color-coding them:

So far it’s been a productive day. Before lunch we also managed to meet Bill Bruning at the Town Hall, and fit in a meeting with Karen Rauter and her intern Brendan. We reviewed the stream buffer zone with them, and selected the official site for the sculpture! More about that in our next post. Below, Dan at his studio work station, accompanied by some of my in-progress branches.

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