Notes from the Drive North

Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer are the 2011 Wildcat Fellows

Ellie and I are en route to Claryville talking through some of our plans for the coming two weeks. One of the first things I’d like to do is get a telephone call-in system up and running. We’re interested in hearing from people who’ve lived on the Neversink, both about their past experiences and their impressions of the stream remediation project that’s in the works.

Crossing the Neversink Reservoir Dam


We’ll be creating paper signs with pull-tab phone numbers so we can draw attention to the phone system and get some people to call us. Questions we might ask include: do you know the neversink? Do you think the river is “natural”? Do you like how the river looks? Do you think the river is healthy? What is a healthy river? What are the uses of a river for humans? What are the uses of the river for other creatures?

We’d also love to gather questions from the community, to find out what kinds of questions they’d like us to ask. We may also ask Karen Rauter of the stream program to provide a summary of what the stream remediation project is, and provide that as an option for people to listen to when they call the phone number.

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