Wednesday Progress

Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer are the 2011 Wildcat Fellows

We started our morning heading down to the Claryville dump to meet up with Ed Mues. The dump is surprisingly nice in Claryville, it’s orderly and managed with close attention to detail. Waste is sorted into several large bins — garbage, recyclables, building materials — all of which get locked down overnight inside a huge bear-proof shed.

We talked to Ed for a while about all the stuff that comes through the dump, and described our project at Wildcat. He seems to come into contact with just about everyone in town and keeps lists of items people are looking for.

Actually last night Ellie and I watched a video Ed gave to us the last time we visited. We may post that online some point, it’s pretty entertaining.

After some branch collecting on the main section of the Neversink, we rode our bikes back up the hill to meet with Carl Landon at the Town Hall. We showed up a few minutes early to pick out the specific location for the sculpture, and drove a stick into the ground where we expect to install it. We mostly talked to Carl about technical issues I won’t go into, but I expect we’ll talk to him again at some point about his experiences on the river.

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One Response to Wednesday Progress

  1. Dory Irons says:

    So interesting and the photos are beautiful. Wish we could come visit. How is my grand cat?

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