Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer are the 2011 Wildcat Fellows

Today was a good building day around Wildcat. Early this morning, as Dan and I were leaving for a bike ride up Red Hill (in search of a beautiful view and 4 bars of cell service), we saw Wildcat Director Peter Martin perched atop a scaffold, putting the finishing touches on a new Chimney.

Later in the day, when Peter had descended, he helped me plan out the platform for the tower I’ll be constructing in the coming week.

After checking out the site together, we looked through his collection of reclaimed lumber, much of it drawn from the Wildcat property. I picked out some 2 x 4’s that had been part of a barn, and some raw looking posts that used to be part of the Wildcat studio before it was renovated. A little light demo work was required, but with the aid of the right tools, all nails were removed and the boards trimmed. Soon I had the frame for the platform assembled, thanks to Peter’s nail gun. The next step was drilling holes for lag bolts to attach the platform to the poles, which Dan helped me with. Tomorrow I’ll go down to the sculpture site and dig holes for the posts!

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One Response to Building!

  1. Dory Irons says:

    Did you learn all that building stuff from your Daddy? Almost everything that I know about building things I learned from him.

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