Refurbishing Computers and Breaking Ground!

Today Dan is hard at work combining various computer parts from Patrizia and Peter’s attic. He’s cobbling together a second server to broadcast Neversink Transmissions from the Town Hall. The first computer is successfully running Asterisk (yay!) and we managed to have it answer a call between the artist residence and the Wildcat residence. Now we just need a phone line! Below, Dan’s latest set up in the artist studio:

I spent yesterday morning breaking ground on the platform for the tower. Dan came down to document the beginning of the digging:

Later I leveled the frame for the platform, and started the process of attaching the lag bolts.

This afternoon, Peter pulled out a couple pieces of cedar from an old armoire, and we refashioned them into the decking for the platform. I finished the platform this afternoon by leveling off the posts with a handsaw and nailing down the decking. Then I took a moment to sit on a rock and stick my feet in the Neversink, which was lovely!

While I was doing all that, Dan was up at the studio coding away, and saw this visitor when he stepped outside for a break:

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One Response to Refurbishing Computers and Breaking Ground!

  1. Dory Irons says:

    Dig that platform! Maybe next summer you can help me put more shelves in the garage and garden shed…..our carpentry results look similar since we both reuse materials! Lovies to the 3 of you, Mom PS The photo with the house and the deer made me think “I could live there”

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