First Draft of the Online Component

The platform and router, best friends forever

Today I had a productive coding day after our big adventure around town yesterday. I was able to compile some of our sound recordings and photos into the first draft of the online component of the project. If you go to you can see the current revision!

At this point it’s very simple, a set of three interview recordings each coupled with illustrative photos. Ellie and I are intending to keep the interface pared down since many of our users will be accessing the content from a mobile device. But I do anticipate making a few more improvements in the coming days.

We still have a lot of recordings to edit down and sync up with photos and, of course, more interviews to record!

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One Response to First Draft of the Online Component

  1. Dory Irons says:

    Dang Dan,
    When I tried to go to Neversink info, a DNS error notice came up. I will try again when we get back from the family reunion at Echo. We will really miss you guys!.
    MOM I

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