Neversink Transmissions Public Tour

Yesterday afternoon close to 40 people from the Claryville community and beyond came out for our work-in-progress tour of Neversink Transmissions. Patrizia and Peter of the Wildcat Fellowship Program put together a lovely afternoon program. We met at the Denning Town Hall, where there were comments by town Supervisor Bill Bruning and Neversink town historian Carol Smythe, poetry readings on the theme of the Catskills and water, and presentations about the upcoming native plantings that will accompany our sculpture on the grounds of town hall. The presentations were followed by a delicious ice cream social on the banks of the Neversink!

Wildcat curator Patrizia Eakins introducing the program for the afternoon.

Supervisor Bill Bruning addressing the group.

Town Historian Carol Smythe describing her connections to the east and west branches of the river.

During our presentation, Dan and I shared our backgrounds as artists, and discussed the process of building the sculpture and gathering interview material. We also covered the range of technology that makes the project possible (Dan is working on a series of posts on this topic that should be published in the next day or so). Throughout the afternoon we were broadcasting a local wireless network that allowed visitors to log on to We also managed to get our hyper-local radio running (thanks ExiTrip!). Visitors were able to tune their car radios to 91.5 and receive Neversink Transmissions within a quarter mile or so of the sculpture site. This addition was exciting for all of us! Overall, the afternoon was a huge success, and we are so grateful for the assistance of the Wildcat Fellowship Program, Karen Rauter and the Stream Management Program, and of course all generous community members who were willing to share time and stories with us. We look forward to seeing the project develop over the next few months.

Dan describing his computer science background, and how it led him to art making.

Yes, it supports weight!

Meredith Maglio of the Stream Program presents the plans for the native buffer planting that will serve as a demonstration plot for the Catskill Streams Buffer Iniative.

A detail of our ExiTrip radio set up, broadcasting Neversink Transmissions!

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