Gala Opening for Neversink Transmissions: Documentation + Ephemera at Old Stone House

On October 2nd, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., the public is cordially invited to the gala opening of “Neversink Transmissions: Documentation + Ephemera” at the Old Stone House in Hasbrouck,  New York.  This month-long exhibition will document the process of assembling the public art project Neversink Transmissions, by 2011 Wildcat Fellows Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer. Sculptural objects, audio, video, photography and other archived materials related to the project’s development will be on display.

Viewers can expect to see color-coded branches gathered from the banks of the Neversink, sketchbook pages and interview transcripts, and large-format prints of photographs made during the project.

The public audio archive will be available for visitors to explore. Additional relevant works from the artists’ practice will also be on view, such as Irons’ watershed drawings and Phiffer’s inquiry-based net projects.

The exhibition at the Old Stone House documents Neversink Transmissions, a site-specific work located at Denning Town Hall along the east branch of the Neversink River. The art project combines a sculpture built of driftwood and a media element the artists call “situated net art” that allows visitors to access an archive of community-generated knowledge about the river.

“Neversink Transmissions” was sponsored by the Wildcat Fellowship Program in partnership with the Neversink-Rondout Stream Management Program.

The Old Stone House is at 282 Hasbrouck, NY.  The reception for “Neversink Transmissions: Documentation + Ephemera” features a gala wine and cheese reception and is free to the public.

Bob Garrett, Peter Martin, Mark Sherman at opening for exhibit of work by 2010 Wildcat Fellow Andrea Jenkins with guest artist Emily Brown.

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