Wildcat Magazine

Wildcat Magazine supports the aims of the Wildcat Fellowship Program. Each issue is devoted to themes generated by a particular fellowship project and is cumulative, filling over the course of a year.

ISSUE ONE (Summer, 2011-Spring, 2012)

This inaugural issue of Wildcat  supports “Neversink Transmissions” and 2011 Wildcat Fellows Ellie Irons and Dan Phiffer. Accordingly, the issue provides perspectives on the Neversink River and its mountainous surroundings in light of the aesthetics and politics of water. If you have written poetry or prose about the Neversink River, the Southern Catskills,  Claryville, NY, or, more generally, about mountains, rivers and forests–or if you have written about water–please submit your work to us. Indicate your interest through the comment interface at the bottom of this page.  We will tell you how to proceed!

Inez George Gridley, Two Poems

Peter Martin, “Where the Water Is

Bertha Rogers, Four Poems


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