Workshops and Retreats

In support of the fellowship program that is its core mission, Wildcat offers workshops and retreats for selected small groups of paying guests–be they artists, writers, performers, nature lovers, hikers, or bicycle riders.  Applicants may be members of a pre-existing group or may join a group formed by the Wildcat Fellowship Program.

All groups are housed at Hummingbird Hill at a reasonable rate.  Group members are responsible for their own food and transportation but may use the artist’s studio and avail
themselves of technical advice on creative projects involving construction or mosaic from Wildcat director Peter Martin. Hummingbird Hill is 200 yards from the AMC yellow trail. Claryville is a widely known destination for bicyclists. Many people come to the Southern Catskills to fish its rivers (an easily available license is required.)

Groups may generate their own activities and events, or, for additional fees, Wildcat can provide workshops in several artistic disciplines; studio visits to local artists and artisans;
guided trail hikes and botanical tours; plein air painting, drawing or nature writing
with a picnic ; and wilderness meditation sessions.

It may be possible to offset group fees through the donation of a creative work product such as the mosaic table top created by the Transponder Creative Endurance Group of Northern Manhattan. The Transponder Table now serves as the  garden tea table of the Wildcat Fellowship Program.

To inquire about the workshop or retreat possibilities for  you or your group, please write to us using the comment feature of this blog.


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